PROJECT: 3500 Unique Press Kits
BUDGET: $200,000

DEADLINE: 4 Weeks from signed contract

RESULTS: 300% increase in press coverage over the company’s new releases in 2000-2001

Buena Vista Pictures (Disney/Miramax) had a need for a turn in the sales tide in 2001 following a lackluster year in 2000. AMG Advertising Los Angeles was brought in to help add a new creative angle to some of the New Release and Home Video Divisions.

In 2001, SPYKIDS (*Dimension Films) was released and AMG’s unique suggestions to use for the Press Release Packages were noted as one of the reasons the movie’s release was so highly anticipated.

AMG’s approach was simple but drastically different than anything done before. Instead of giving a premium item in the usual press kits that go out, AMG took the same budget they were going to use with the usual premiums, hats’ Polo Shirts; key chains, etc. And instead, we suggested Spy based toys custom designed from the soon to be released movie’s props, like the Spykids "Talking Hair Spray" and a secret "Decoder" to name just a few, were made into an "interactive press kit" with CD ROM that tracked the viewers every move.

This cutting edge CD ROM tool with "digital tracking" now allowed Disney to see what their promotional marketing dollars got in terms actual statistics. Before AMG’s suggestion, the hats; key chains and other premiums they gave away were cute…but not necessarily track able in quantifiable terms.

Using the AMG designed CD’s gave Disney an accounting for every marketing dollar spent on their promotions because the tracking on the CD showed them how many people loaded the CD; how many watched the entire Film or which only watch parts of it. It also showed how many times they viewed the movie and many of the critics watched it numerous times…probably with their families. Nonetheless, the studio executives were ecstatic to say the least.

That relationship in 2001 became the beginning of many projects for AMG and all of the films and or home videos in which AMG promoted were all #1 National Films, which is of course not due to our work solely but we feel our contributions were significant and we are appreciative to Disney/Miramax for the many opportunities we were given.

* Dimension Films is a motion picture unit currently a part of The Weinstein Co., it was formerly used as Bob Weinstein’s label within Miramax Films to produce and release genre films. The Weinstein Brothers took this label with them when they departed the Disney-owned Miramax in October 2005. All films released by Dimension Films prior to October 1, 2005, remain the property of Miramax Films.


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